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Want more of Marnie’s insights at your fingertips?¬†Or, want to share her fun-loving approach with a friend?¬†Here are some options just for you:


Wine: A Tasting Course

By Marnie Old

Wine: A Tasting Course is the first wine basics book to harness the power of images to explain complex wine concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Like all of DK's books, it is vibrantly colorful, fully-illustrated and beautifully designed. Like all of Marnie's books, it is engaging, easy to read and packed with 'aha!' insights.

The product of ten years of work distilling wine ideas into illustrations, charts and infographics, Wine: A Tasting Course is designed for the global market. What are opinion leaders saying about it?

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Wine Simplified

Navigate Wine with Confidence
By Marnie Old

Marnie's newest book is a crash course in wine delivered in a cutting-edge digital package for the iPad and iPhone. Intuitively designed for digital devices, Wine Simplified brings Marnie's refreshingly direct explanations of complex wine ideas to life with over 90 minutes of guided tastings and video tutorials, interactive infographics and slideshows, plus hundreds of pop-up glossary items and audio pronunciations embedded in the text.

Rather than drowning the reader in wine data, Wine Simplified provides useful tools for real-world tasks, like shopping for wine, pairing with food and talking about wine with confidence. Early chapters focus on practical skills, while later chapters provide insight into the handful of organizing principles professionals use to make educated guesses about wines before they pull the cork. In classic Marnie style, Wine Simplified shares insider insights and useful generalizations on topics like:

  • How to Use Alcohol Content to Predict Wine Style
  • How to Think Like a Sommelier When Choosing Which Wine to Serve
  • Why the Main Difference Between White and Red Wines Isn't Grape Color
  • How to Act Like You Know What You're Doing Ordering Wine
    in Restaurants
  • Why a Handful of French Grapes Still Rule the Wine World

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Wine Secrets

Advice from Sommeliers, Winemakers
and Connoisseurs

By Marnie Old

Did you know that alcohol content can help predict wine style or that you can freeze open wine to preserve its flavor? Loaded with useful insider tips, Marnie Old's newest book brings the insights of top wine experts to the everyday wine drinker. Famous vintners, authors, chefs and sommeliers provide sound wine guidance in a convenient 'How To' format. Discover for yourself Marnie's gift for communicating about wine with uncommon clarity and real-world relevance.

This beautifully-packaged hardcover book has instant gift appeal, with pearls of wine wisdom leaping off every page in a concise bulleted format. Sections include Wine Basics, Tasting Wine, Wine Shopping, Wine and Food Pairing, Wine in Restaurants and Wine at Home. You'll find some of the wine world's leading personalities sharing no-nonsense pointers on topics like:

  • How to Use Leftover Wine in the Kitchen
    from celebrity chef Jacques Pépin
  • How to Taste Wine Like a Pro
    from winemaker and Master Sommelier Richard Betts
  • How to Decide When a Wine is Ready to Drink
    from author and Master of Wine Jancis Robinson
  • How to Choose an All-Purpose Wine Glass
    from author and wine writer Tara Q. Thomas
  • How, When, And Why to Send Back a Bottle of Wine
    from restaurateur Piero Selvaggio

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He Said Beer, She Said Wine

Impassioned Food Pairings to Debate and Enjoy –
From Burgers to Brie and Beyond

By Marnie Old & Sam Calagione

In her first book, Marnie goes toe to toe with beer legend Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in a lively and entertaining debate on the relative merits of beer and wine as food partners. Packed with color photos on every page, this fun-filled book is a delightful romp through the world of wine and beer, a light-hearted take on topics that are often taken too seriously.

Marnie and Sam are colorful characters and respected experts who pull no punches hashing out their disagreements on matching beverages to cuisines of all kinds.¬†This fully illustrated book explores the basics of wine and beer, from ancient history to modern sensory science, before launching into rival pairing advice on the full spectrum of food groups.¬†Marnie and Sam provide specific wine and beer recommendations for over 60 dishes, as well as recipes and instructions on hosting your own “beer vs. wine” party at home.¬†Enjoy, and may the best beverage win!

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