Accessories & More

Frustrated by the bewildering array of wine accessories? Searching for a great gift for a beer lover? Dying to get your treasured bottles out of the crisper and reclaim your refrigerator?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Stemware and Decanters

That killer juice just doesn’t taste right from a tumbler, and great ales deserve a good glass too. Here are Marnie’s picks for showcasing the good stuff and for everyday sipping too.

Marnie’s all-time favorite all-purpose wine glass for everything from white to red, champagne to port
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Storage Units

It’s a crime to let good wine die a slow death at room temperature.  You don’t need a spacious cellar to store your fragile beverages properly, and some of Marnie’s favorite units are amazingly energy-efficient.

Thermoelectric Coolers are Quiet and Energy Efficient
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